Passport to Missions

Several years ago, the association adopted the saying, “Unite, Equip, Go.” This saying gets to the core of the association, not only do we unite in fellowship, but we unite our resources to equip the people of Western Oklahoma to go on missions. Since the pandemic, uniting, equipping, and going have been difficult to accomplish. Taking the challenge head on, we have adapted to minister in unique ways because the fact remains that ministry does not stop. We also know that every church is struggling with their own difficulties, but we cherish the honor of working as ministry partners with each of you. It is amazing how much the kingdom advance when we unite together. 

In 2020, we were not able to go on any mission trips, so the churches stepped up and raised $20,000 to send to our international ministry partners in India, Zimbabwe, and Ecuador. Each of the ministry partners were able to minister to the people of their country thanks to the generosity of the churches of CBA. We have faced another year of canceled mission trips due to the pandemic, however, this year we feel the freedom to come together to share in discussion and prayer for our international missions’ partners.  

Please join us on November 5th at Crescent FBC starting at 5 pm for the Passport to Missions conference. Come and hear about all the work happening across the world because of the faithfulness of the churches in our association. Churches in attendance will also hear about the goals and future of the Big 5 mission efforts our association set out to do several years ago. 

One final thought as I close this letter, a reason we put emphasis on missions in the association is because we believe that there is no better training or conference that could equip church members in our association to advance the gospel in their own communities. To quote Paul Montgomery, pastor of First Crescent, “Nothing impacts a church more than members going and learning how to do missions outside their community. They come back missionaries which translates into local missions.”